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As my uncle and historian Dr. A. Faulkner Watts encouraged me, we encourage you. Build on this research. Expand on our work. Learn from history. And please do keep us posted on your findings.

Be encouraged  to contact us with questions and suggestions.  Please contribute your scholarship.  We welcome information including stories and scholarly research related to independent schools founded or owned by people of African Ancestry.  If there is an independent school founded by an African American education entrepreneur, or church in your community, please inform us, so we can add it to our data base.



Thank you to Sheree Palmer of Cambria Center for the Gifted, who relentlessly encouraged me. And the many school founders who allowed me to collect data and advocate on their behalf. And who, when it was my turn to start a school, encouraged, advised, and supported me.

—Gail Foster, Ed.D., AHBIS founder


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