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Gail Foster, Ed.D.

Gail Foster has a 20+year history as an educational entrepreneur and school consultant developing frontier programs in her field. After establishing her first social enterprise, the Toussaint Institute Fund, in 1988, and founding the Association of Historically Black Independent Schools, she turned over leadership to others and took ten years off to raise her daughter. She returned to scholarship and practice in 2016, and is currently the CEO of Morningside PlayCare (MPC). MPC is an early childhood program whose mission is to tap the language genius of young children and make Americans multilingual, all while collecting data contributing to the field of early childhood second language acquisition.


A graduate of Columbia University's Teachers College, Dr. Foster has extensive experience in consulting and leadership for school start-up entrepreneurs, serving as a high school administrator, and contributing to the field as a published research scholar. In addition, she has served as a nonprofit administrator, organizational consultant, teacher trainer, and classroom teacher for PreK to Higher Ed.  


Dr. Foster has served on many distinguished boards, including the national Council on American Private Education and various private and charter school boards. As a research scholar at the RAND Corporation, the Institute for Independent Education, the NYC Department of Education, CUNY, and the Toussaint Institute, she has published on the power of inquiry-based learning; inner-city private schools, including Historically Black Independent Schools, private school start-ups, small public schools; African American boys with special education labels; and community-based and women-led educational enterprises. She is the founder of the Association of Historically Black Independent Schools and co-founder of the Manhattan Early Childhood Alliance (


Dr. Foster is the winner of numerous civic awards and a gubernatorial citation, as well as an invitation to the White House for developing programs that are responsive to parents, place children at the center, and serve as leading-edge models for education practitioners and policymakers. She has been asked to present at the National Chinese Language Conference, and her most recent presentation was at the National Chinese Language Conference in San Diego on the topic of Early Childhood Mandarin Immersion. Her current passion is creating opportunities for American children—including and, especially, African American children—to become multilingual. Above all, she is a mom with a passion for transforming American education, and views her current work as yet another opportunity to serve and contribute.








Would You Help Me Choose A Pet? by Gail Foster, Ed.D.



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